I’m Charlie Minnion, an award-winning director, animator and illustrator based in London. Mostly, my work is used to help explain and promote various services, products and ideas.

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London Animator
Reel 2016

Showreel / 2016

Skate Roto

Personal Work / Skate Roto


Fetch / Petnology


Personal Work / GIFs

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SAS Apps / Promo


Oxf CC / EHCP Meeting

RIX Wiki 02_FImage

RIX / RIX Wiki


CreativeConnection / The Incomplete Activist


CND Comp / When I Grow Up


Notts CC / EHC Animation


RIX / Series of Illustrated Slides

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RIX / Wiki Showcase Graphic

"Everyone loved and praised the animation. It carries the right message and in a style that is appropriate. It's simple, straightforward, easy to understand and visually appealing."

− Mark Evans, Nottinghamshire County Council

"This animation has made the job of explaining the product benefits so much easier. The flow of movement kept the viewers engagement.Thanks for all your brilliant ideas and support Charlie. "

− Craig Wilkie, SAS Apps

"This is amazing, I love it! Thanks so much for the hard work."

− Arianna Corradi, CreativeConnection

"The whole animation works well. It provides us with a simple, clear way to communicate complicated processes and concepts. Thank you for all your help!"

− Janet Johnson, Oxfordshire County Council

"I think it's amazing! Really really well done, it's looking super."

− Jessica Harvey, CreativeConnection

"I think information in this format is ideal, and makes the aim and structure of the Pathway much clearer to everyone. The cartoon characters are simple, “universal” and the length of each film seems about right. "

− Joyce Judson, Nottinghamshire County Council

"Thank you very much, this is tops. I really think it runs well. You’ve understood everything we discussed brilliantly and you’ve added in solutions that I think work really well."

− Charlie Saward, RIX Research & Media

"Thanks so much for all your work. It has been a pleasure! The end product is great, I’m a big fan of this video, I think we’ve created something really nice together!"

− Adam Rae, Manifest London

"I have travelled around the country and have never found such a good local offer animation as yours!"

− Jacqueline Ross, SEN Consultant

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If you have any questions about projects, costs, timescales or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m also available on social media via the links at the bottom of his page.

I look forward to hearing from you!


+44 (0)7843 006007