I have completed work on this now and I’m really happy with how it looks! Plus I have learned a lot about the process of rotoscoping/painting in Photoshop. Here is a bit of background info on the project:

On a sunny day in Brighton, UK (2007), I went for a little skate with a mate along the seafront – whilst skating along next to me, he filmed me with my phone doing these wow-so-amazing tricks! Now, 9 years later, I recapture those glorious times in this animation rotoscope experiment.

Technical details: I worked with very low res footage (176 x 144px) and scaled it up to 1280 x 720. I kept to the original frame rate of 10fps. I used Premiere for editing, Photoshop for rotoscoping and After Effects to comp in the texture and finalise the visual look.

Music credits: “Sunday Vibes” by Ryan Little