I have been through a chunk of transitioning these last 8 months or so! I left Bootstrap – the wonderful co-working studio where I was based in Dalston, picked up a part time job at Clarks, worked on a really great freelance animation project (see here) as well as some other freelance projects (a logo design, illustrations and some artistic painterly roto animations.) I then left Clarks and commenced a short full time “Compositing for Visual Effects” course at Escape Studios which I completed a week ago. Now, I am working hard to complete my vfx showreel.

Why all the changing you may ask? Well, I thought it would be wise to skill-up in something which is quite highly in demand. I love the freelance independent animation/illustration stuff but it can be a bit up & down in terms of regular income. With my new visual effects related skills, I have added a new & valuable string to my bow!

Pics from my time at Escape

These pics include the day we spent shooting our green screen shots and the last one shows our class standing outside Rushes in Soho. Rushes were our mentors & were able to give us some useful feedback on our showreel shots. Escape was a great place to be – everyone seemed pretty inspired by what they were doing and we learned a lot!EscapePics_v2